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Working to build a dream vehicle for a purpose is our passion.  We have many corporations come to us with tight deadlines, high expectations, and an idea, that we love making come to life!  We are ready to start discussing how a lifestyle-themed vehicle can be the way your company market's its brand, to drive more consumer awareness.  We also have design and marketing services based around this goal as well.

Shown to the left, are KIA Telluride's that we customized in 2018.  The Brandon Maxwell Telluride was built in 2 weeks for the New York Fashion Week and is the first car ever to be in it.

The other Telluride's were built in 8 weeks with full customized performance suspension along with customized accessories and other modifications.  

Let's talk about how we can do that for you!


We built this Ford F150 in 2013 with WD-40 and Chip Foose.  Chip did the rendering, and we helped bring it to life with the help of students from AXC - Alex Xydias and Pete Chapouris Center for Automotive Arts.

Not only do we love builds, but we looks for ways to incorporate a source of learning and appreciation for what a build is about. 

Scroll through for some of the builds we have done for WD-40.

These are brands that trust us. 

Not sure what to do yet?


We can do the entire design from start to finish including the rendering.

We can help you come up with a concept that is on the cutting edge of where the trends are going.  Our award winning vehicles prove thatwe know how to read the market and get ahead of it. 

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