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Pressure Sensor Remote Mount Kit for Low-Temperature Pressure Measurements Banks Power

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Weight 1 lbs

This universal kit is used to obtain pressure readings from any engine component where temperatures do not exceed 220 F. A remote mount kit helps to isolate the temperature, ensure longevity, and improve accuracy of the sensor. Hardware is included to bulkhead mount the pressure sensor, or mount it using a P-Clamp.

Note: For pressure measurements of air with temperatures exceeding 220 F, such a exhaust gas temperature and compressor out/intercool inlet temperatures, we recomend 66422 Pressure Sensor Remote Mount kit, for High-Temperature/EGT Pressure Measurements.

Works with Banks pressure sensors, and both 4-channel and 5-channel Analog or Frequency modules. Includes all necessary hardware.


  • Protects low-temp sensors from high-temp areas
  • Remote mount for Banks sensors
  • Ensures longevity and accuracy
  • Includes 6 feet of tube length
  • Hardware included

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