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Updated: Mar 21, 2023

We just got back from 3 weeks of KOH...

From King of the Moto's, Trophy truck and of course the Main event!

Here is all about our Adventure!

WEEK TWO..... Trail Days, Pizza Party and of course FAST trucks!

After a short weekend out at King of the Motos' we headed home for a few days to catch up on work then headed back out to the Lakebed for 14 days straight. This year the races and the lakebed were crazier then ever. Not only did King of the Hammers host the King of the Moto's, Desert racing and Ultra 4 racing, they invited the Best in the Desert to join the lakebed, since one of their races was canceled. This brought 1070 race teams out to KOH.....So, when I say that it was crazy out there, I am not exaggerating the week was packed with enthusiast the whole week and there was always something going on.

We also made sure to add some off-road fun in for ourselves as well, check out the rest of our KOH adventures and hopefully we will see you out at our next one!

Sara Morosan


Once again BAJA FORGED invited a group of people out to join in the 3rd Annual BAJA FORGED Ranch Round Up to do a little trail run up to Bronco Knoll and then out to watch the races. We then rounded off the day with a Pizza Party back at the Ranch with a big bonfire and music. We had a blast along with our industry friends that joined and helped put the Ranch Round Up on... Injen Technologies, MileStar Tire, Leitner Designs, Trail Militia

On Sunday, I jumped in my Bronco and followed a few of my friends out to go watch the T1, T2 and Buggies battle the Lakebed, we found a great spot up on the hill and relaxed for a few hours as we watch some trucks hit speeds up to of 139mph. Sooooo…I said that I love the Motos in the week one and I do.….but my other favorite thing to watch at the races are the Helicopters chasing these trucks that are out in front…Seeing the number one truck hauling butt across the lakebed with a helicopter chasing is like no other and pretty cool to watch, in full disclosure I am a hug fan of Helicopters. 😐

Here are some photos I took of our days watching the T1, T2 and Buggies.

The one on the right is the class 11 buggies doing the land rush start, wish we were closer, but it was still pretty cool.

Sunday night MileStar Tire's invited us out to their rig that was track side for a little Taco party and hang out with friends. It was great to catch up with old friends and meet some new one and enjoy some amazing Taco's... Great way to start off the week and end our Sunday funday!

Monday-Thursday I volunteered at the Media tent, driving media from Hammer town to Chocolate Thunder, it was long days but so much fun to hang out with all the people and see Hammers from a different perspective. Watching all the volunteer out there on the recovery teams was pretty cool to see them all hustle and be there for the racers.

Here is my view from the top of Chocolate Thunder.

Wednesday Night our friends from PROJECTX invited us on a night run of Rattle Snake Canyon with some pretty cool people. It was beautiful as always, we ate more tacos and ended in Pioneer Town.

Kelly from MileStar was my co-piolet and kept me entertained with tones of good laughs.

Thursday day afternoon I drove the ladies from Rebelle Rally out to OLAF Events camp to teach a 1 hour navigation class. It was so interesting to learn how it all works and the history behind the map, compass and how to get yourself out of a situation if you are stranded offline.

I would love to take another class and really get to know how it all works.

Thursday after the class I headed back to Hammer Town to walk around the vendors and say Hi to some industry friends I have seen in a long time and to invite them back to the SEMA Mixer that night hosted by SBN, TORA, WTC and YEN. We have a great turnout and some pretty amazing food.

Now that it was finally Friday and Everman Challenge was full speed ahead, we decided to go hang out with some friends from JCF and my dad. I was kind of a perfect day to relax and just enjoy the desert. That night we went back out to OLAF events Camp to sit by the camp fire and eat some really great food. I would love to say that I stayed up and partied all night, but the truth was I made it till 9:30 and I was in the Super Duty curled up in the passenger seat, it was a long week and we still had one more day of racing.

Saturday was the Big Races the KING OF THE HAMMERS....All the big boys and girls were out there competing for the Crown. We woke up early headed to the Start/Finish line with a breakfast burrito and lots of coffee. After the start it was a long day of watching more racing, headed back to the MileStar rig to watch the finish and even helped welcome a team across the finish line....All-in-all it was a great couple of weeks out on the lakebed, but we were definitely ready to head home and enjoy the couch and some much need R&R.

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