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PowerPack Bundle Complete Power System 13-15 Ford 6.8L Class-C Motorhome E-S/D Super Duty Banks Power

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Weight 220 lbs


Remove airflow restrictions with complete intake and exhaust system plus advanced programming for up to +56 hp and +70 lb-ft, 7 percent more MPG and optimum engine efficiency. Here’s a major dose of new RV power without the new RV price! PowerPack delivers 26 percent more horsepower and torque to your V-10: up to +56 hp and +70 lb-ft at the rear wheels. Rockets you up 6 percent grades 12 percent faster and chops three seconds off your 0-60 mph time. With PowerPack’s engineered intake and exhaust upgrades plus calibrated fuel tuning (optional), your rig will pass and merge a whole lot easier and more safely – and you’ll get up to 7 percent more MPG, too! Please note: The AutoMind programmer shown is not included with 2013 systems at this time.

  • Optimizes airflow, air density, continuous power and MPG
  • Honors the host vehicle and improves longevity
  • Gain up to +56 hp and +70 lb-ft
  • Up to 7 percent more MPG
  • CHROME tip
  • AutoMind Not Included
  • Fits E-Super Duty

PowerPack Bundle, Complete Power System with AutoMind Programmer for use with 2013-2015 Ford 6.8L Class-A Motorhome, E-S/D Super Duty

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